Doctor In Love 1960

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"DOCTOR IN LOVE" (The Plot). A raucous tale of two young doctors - Dr Richard Hare (Michael Craig) and Dr Tony Burke (Leslie Phillips) leave the confines of St Swithins Hospital for the world of general practice, to tackle the most common ailment known to man - the love bug! Stopping off on the way as patients at the Foulness Anti-cold unit, Hare takes up a position as junior in a well-headed G.P.`s surgery while Burke continues to sow his doctorial wild oats. In the process, they encounter sultry night nurses, two out of work strippers - Dawn & Lenora (Joan Sims & Liz Fraser), a flirtatious receptionist (Carole Lesley) and the luscious Locum Dr Barrington (Virginia Maskell). Needless to say, heartbeats and pulse-rates rush skywards, as love becomes the prescribed tonic. Even the retired surgeon Sir Lancelot Spratt (James Robertson Justice) gets involved and all in spite of a grumbling appendix. Starring, Michael Craig, Virginia Maskell, Leslie Phillips, James Robertson Justice, Carole Lesley, Reginald Beckwith, Nicholas Phipps, Liz Fraser, Joan Sims, Ambrosine Phillpotts, Irene Handi, Nicholas Parsons, Moira Redmond, Ronnie Stevens, and Fenella Fielding, Directed Ralph Thomas. Released July 12th, 1960.